Cable TV

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Cable TV RF Анализатор QAM Annex A, B & C;
DiviDual ASI TS Analyzer / Recorder / Player

TS Analyzer / Recorder / Player
DiviDual ASI

Ref: DiviDual ASI
Pocket analyzer providing MPEG-2 TS real-time analysis, recording and stream playing.
Easy connection to SPI interface. Ideal to Analyze, Record and Play any bitsream in labs.
Комплексный анализ DVB-T/T2 от RF до Video. ReFeree II представляет собой ...
DVB-C DVB-C2 RF Analyzer

DVB-C DVB-C2 Measurement Receiver
ReFeree II Cable

Ref: ReFeree II Cable
Perfect Analysis tool from RF down to the Video.