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DiviCatch RF-S/S2
DVB-S DVB-S2 Professional RF Analyzer

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DiviCatch RF-S/S2
DiviCatch RF-S/S2 USB DiviCatch RF-S/S2 Side 1 DiviCatch RF-S/S2 Side 2 DiviSuite Device Config RF In DiviSuite Device Config File In DiviSuite Monitoring RF levels, ETR290, Logs DiviSuite Monitoring RF constellation, ETR290, Logs DiviSuite Monitoring RF constellation, ETR290, Logs, Audio Video Output DiviSuite Monitoring PCR, ETR290, Logs DiviSuite Monitoring PCR, ETR290, Logs, Recording to TS file DiviSuite Monitoring Bitrate, ETR290, Logs DiviSuite Device Monitoring Bitrate, ETR290, Logs, Audio Video Output DiviSuite Monitoring RF constellation, ETR290, Logs, Forward TS over IP (PC's Ethernet interface)
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The DiviCatch RF-S/S2 is a pocket analyzer cumulating DVB-S/S2 live reception with MPEG2-TS real-time analysis, recording and playing.


The DiviCatch RF-S/S2 can receive DTH streams and all modes of satellite distribution links.



- Broadcast Test & Measures
- RF Reception Quality
- DVB-S/S2 Broadcast Troubleshoot
- Installation & Maintenance
- Head-End/TX site/off-air monitoring
- Portable Demonstration Setup
- R&D Streams or Signal Analysis
- Troubleshoot assistant



- 1 RF input for DVB-S/S2
- 1 ASI input/output
- RF key measurements
- ETSI TR 101 290 validation (ETR290)
- PIDs, PSI/SI parsing
- PCR graphs
- Advanced MPEG2-TS recording
- IP source analysis (from PC)
- IP Output (Ethernet interfaces selection)
- Audio/Video player
- Compatible MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8*



- 4-in-1 product: RF + Baseband + Recorder + Player
- Compact (134.7 x 61.45 x 27 mm, 156 g) and USB self-powered device
- Receive live DVB-S/S2 signals, stream selection
- Allows antenna LNB powering & configuration
- Analyze/Validate MPEG2-TS/T2-MI Layer in real-time
- Assess the quality of reception & transmission
- All modulation schemes supported (from QPSK to 32APSK)
- CCM, VCM, ACM modes supported
- Add your own table and specifications Analysis (PSI/SI, PSIP…)



Comes bundled with DiviSuite, Decoding and Recording/Playback Software Suite. Plugins can be ordered separately, according to customer requirements: only choose what you need. Any proposed plugin can be mounted later on.

Please see below the related product DiviSuite Software Suite for more details.

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